extend Android ADT, such as Quickly new/edit Activity/Service/BroadcastReceiver/ContentProvider in Android Project with a wizard and configure in AndroidManifest.xml, it’s also eclipse plugin for Android-ORM
Quickly new Activity/Service/BroadcastReceiver/ContentProvider in Android Project with a wizard and configurate in AndroidManifest.xml.

Main function list:

  • New Activity/Service/BroadcastReceiver.
  • Customize action and category for intent-filter.
  • New (ORM) ContentProvider.
  • Customize authorities for ContentProvider.
  • Add/Remove ORM capability


Marketplace client

  • Click “Help->Marketplace…” in Eclipse
  • Search “ADT extensions” as keyword to find “Android ADT extensions” plugin in result.
  • Click “Install”


New Activity

  • Choose a package right click and select “New->Others” in popups menu.
  • Select New Activity under Android category.(If you work in java perspective, New Activity would be visible popups menu.) to open wizard page.
  • Check “with super suffix” to add super suffix to type name.(such with a Activity suffix)
  • Select methos stubs which you want to create.
  • Click “Add…” to add System action/category
  • Click “Remove…” to remove selected action/category
  • Click “Add custom” in popups to add custom action/category
  • Click “Up/Down” to sort selected action/category
  • Double click to edit seleted action/category

New Provider

  • See New Activity steps to open New Provider wizard page
  • Input authorities for provider

New ORM Provoder

  • Select mapping aorm .java files or packages
  • ADT extensions ->New ORM Provider
  • Input table name and authorities for provider


screen shot