@Jamling Jamling released this on 2017-01-21


@Jamling Jamling released this on 2016-11-23

  • library component enhancement

v1.0.0 (Initial version)

@Jamling Jamling released this on 2016-06-08

Initial version.

  • UI
    • App page struct: The app base activity/fragment …
    • Custom views: Lost of custom layout/view to used
    • RecyclerView: New feature for Android list view, swipe, refresh, sort, pinned header..
    • Utils: App utils, such as dialogs…
    • 3rd component: Little change for 3rd component, such as wheelview
  • Volley: Based on google volley, as REST data layer
    • Base REST operation
    • Upload component
  • ORM: Use Aorm to reduce sqlite operation