User Guide

Add library dependencies

dependencies {
    compile 'cn.ieclipse.aorm:aorm-core:1.1.2'


Optional settings, setting the Aorm globally.

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Aorm.enableDebug(true);// Enable/Disable debug to print SQL
Aorm.allowExtend(false);// Disable model bean extend
Aorm.setExactInsertOrUpdate(true);//Set use actuarial insertOrUpdate. If true, will query the object from database, insert if not exists or update if exist, otherwise insert when PK is 0 or update when PK more than 0 (maybe update fail)

Create model bean

Add mapping table

Add @Table annotation in your java bean

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@Table(name = "student")
public class Student implements java.ioSerializable{

Add column mapping

Add @Column annotation for java bean field

@Column(name = "_id", id = true)
private long id;
  • normal field

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@Column(name = "_name")
private String name;

private int age;
  • un-mapping field
    No Aorm annotation assigned.

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private String address;

The bean must generate getter/setter methods

Create table

If Android ADT-extensions install in Eclipse. Select the java element includes Aorm beans and Open New ORM Provider to generate ContentPrivider in wizards.

Or create manually.

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mOpenHelper = new SQLiteOpenHelper(this.getContext(), "example.db",
        null, 1) {
    public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase db) {
        // method 3: use AORM to create table
        Aorm.createTable(db, Grade.class);
        Aorm.createTable(db, Student.class);
        Aorm.createTable(db, Course.class);



Simple query

Query all students

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Session session = ExampleContentProvider.getSession();
// simplest query, query all student table.
Criteria criteria = Criteria.create(Student.class);
List<Student> list = session.list(Student.class);

Query to cursor, so used it in CursorAdapter

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Cursor c = session.query(criteria);

Query to single object

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// query student whose id is 4
s = session.get(Student.class, 4);

Restriction query


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// add restrication: id equals
criteria.add(Restrictions.eq("id", 1));


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// add restriction: name like Jamling
criteria.add("name", "Jaming"));


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// add restriction: age > 30
criteria.add("age", 30));


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// add order


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// set district


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// set limit from row 10 to 20
criteria.setLimit(10, 10);

Join query

The Criteria support four join

  1. Left Join
  2. Left outer join
  3. Inner join
  4. Cross join

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Criteria criteria = Criteria.create(Student.class, "s")
                .addChild(Grade.class, "g")
                .add(Restrictions.eqProperty("", "g.sid"));
// query to list.
List<Object[]> ret = session.listAll(criteria);
Object[] item = ret.get(0);
Student s = (Student) item[0];
Grade g = (Grade) item[1];


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Session session = ExampleContentProvider.getSession();
// insert
Student s = new Student();
long rowId = session.insert(s, null);


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// update student's name to Jame whose id is 1
int rows = session.update(s);


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// delete student whose id is 2
session.deleteById(Student.class, 2);