v0.1.2 (v0.1.2)

@Jamling Jamling released this on 2016-08-29

  • Optimize UI
  • Fix little issues
  • Remove lodash and cheerio


@Jamling Jamling released this on 2016-07-28

New features

  • Add post views count
  • Add hash and combined options for page_uid
  • Add duoshuo comments, and set to default comments
  • Add duoshuo recent visitors widget
  • Add duoshuo recent comments widget
  • Add duoshuo hot posts widget
  • Add friendly links widget
  • Add about widget
  • Add announce widget
  • Add auto-hide-nav-bar


  • Optimize project download versions
  • Optimize hightlight
  • Fix category mind canvas not display in Chrome/IE issue.
  • Fix archive pagination issue

v0.0.3 (Version 0.0.3)

@Jamling Jamling released this on 2016-07-13

  • Add jiathis share
  • Add some material card and fab
  • Optimize script plugin
  • Import Sass
  • Add sidr plugin for mobile
  • Optimize moblie display

v0.0.2 (Version 0.0.2)

@Jamling Jamling released this on 2016-06-21

  • add hljs line number
  • optimize link width under li
  • optimize fancybox
  • fix version timeline issue under mobile
  • fix project navigator issue
  • fix tag i18n issue

v0.0.1 (Initial version)

@Jamling Jamling released this on 2016-05-30

  • Bootstrap style
  • project layout` to generate github pages
  • Multi-languages support