Front-matter is a block of YAML or JSON at the beginning of the file that is used to configure settings for your writings. Front-matter is terminated by three dashes when written in YAML or three semicolons when written in JSON.

The nova theme defined following front-matter beyond the official’s

  • toc
  • title2
  • description
  • type
  • gh


Show table of contents or not, if not set, the default value is:

  • post layout: false
  • project layout: true
  • page layout: true

Sample (source of current page):

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title: Hexo your blog
date: 2016-03-04 12:48:31
category: [软件技术, Web]
tags: [Hexo, Node.js]
toc: true

# Overview

This article...


The internationalization title key, will be translated with __(title2)

Example content:

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title: Downloads

languages/en.yml content:

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    download: Downloads

The page title will be the output of __(''), the result is: Downloads


The extra description of html page, will append to the content of <html><head><meta name="description"...


type front-matter only used in page layout.

Sample (Source of source/categories/

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title: categories
date: 2016-03-30 16:14:59
type: categories
title2: menu.category


Nova project page are generated by hexo-generator-github partially, a gh front-matter is used for project layout.

  • gh.user: the github user, default is the user in theme _config.yml
  • gh.repo: the github repo, default is fetched from url
  • gh.type
    • get_repos: The gh_repos() helper will invoked to get repositories from github.
    • get_contents: The gh_repo_contents() helper will be invoked to get markdown file under repository.
      gh.path to indicate the concrete file on github, default is
      gh.ref to indicate the branch on github, default is master
    • get_releases: The gh_repo_releases() helper will be invoked to get releases under repository.

Sample (Source of p/Android-ORM/

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title: Android-ORM
date: 2016-01-30 17:43:26
layout: project
title2: project.overview
  type: get_contents
  user: Jamling
  repo: Android-ORM

What’s the page output? see the snippets of helpers.js in hexo-generator-github plugin.

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function gh_contents(options){
  var o = options || {}
  var user = o.hasOwnProperty('user') ? o.user : this.config.github.user;
  var name = o.hasOwnProperty('repo') ? o.repo : null;
  var path = o.hasOwnProperty('path') ? o.path : '';
  var ref = o.hasOwnProperty('ref') ? o.ref : 'master';
  if (name === undefined) {
    return '';
  var cache = (this.gh_read_cache(;
  if (cache){
      return this.markdown(cache.toString());
  var url = util.format('repos/%s/%s/contents/%s', user, name, path);
  console.log("no cache, and try load from : " + url);
  var repo = gh.reqSync(url, {data:{'ref': ref}});
  if (repo && repo.content){
    var md = new Buffer(repo.content, repo.encoding).toString();
    var content = this.markdown(md);
    this.gh_write_cache(this.gh_cache_dir(, md));
    return content;
  return '';